By CleanSteve

Mevagissey harbour – a jigsaw by R N Turner

I got a lift to the doctor's surgery this morning form Kate, Helena's sister who has been visiting for the last few days. She was heading home so it was very handy. The nurse looked at my wound and declared it is in very good condition and doesn't need a replacement dressing, which is good news.  I then managed to walk down the slope into the town where I caught a local bus which wound its way around two of the local five valleys, going to all the more isolated housing areas before dropping me close to the end of our road. I managed the walks but was glad to get home as the pain threshold was at its limit. I think I'm getting better.

Late last night I finished this jigsaw, painted by R N Turner, which Helena left for me to do just before she went away to the Green Gathering festival last Friday. I enjoyed the task and particularly like the subject, as it is a place I visited several times in the early 1970s. I fear it will be different today.

Helena helped me on her return placing a few significant pieces. She loves a good jigsaw and says she will do this one herself sometime. She got out a few more jigsaws but I think I need a few days off. But it has been a good way to while away the hours while I'm a bit immobile. 


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