By CleanSteve

A young buzzard circling above our garden

John came round this morning to take me shopping which was very kind of him. I managed to get some stocks of painkillers too as they are still necessary unfortunately, but not for long hopefully.

I served coffee on our return and we had a good chat, whilst watching the views of life in the garden behind our house. At one point we saw a buzzard rise up from behind the ash tree at the bottom of the garden and steadily circle for hundreds of feet on thermals formed by the warm sun. It then seemed to reach a certain height at which it could follow a 'stream' of air, as it headed off absolutely straight up the line of The Horns valley.

A few hours later after I'd eaten a snack lunch I stood out on the back steps to enjoy the views ands the sunshine. I then saw this buzzard and walked a couple of steps into the house where my camera was at the ready. The buzzard approached and circled twice before heading off across the valley towards Thrupp. I think a family resides within a few hundred yards of us as we see them regularly although not flying as low as this one was today. As it flew straight above me I managed to get this good silhouette effect with its feathers backlit.

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