Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Little miss sunshine

Enough, you say, no more puppy pics! I am pretty much stuck at home with Xena for the next 3 weeks, and so my choice of photography at the moment is somewhat limited. I did spend ages today trying to get the perfect shot of bees in flight (while Xena was enjoying the garden) as my flower beds are full of them, and I did get some good ones but not one I was truly satisfied with.

The sleep deprivation continues. After an easy day of taking herself off to sleep, eating well and playing happily, she was very difficult at bedtime. She was so sleepy from about 9pm which we thought was too early for her to go to bed, so at about 10pm I gave her a small amount of goats milk which she absolutely loves, and then when she went into her crate and we closed the crate door....well you swear she was being murdered with all the crying. She finally settled at about midnight with me sitting outside her crate the whole time, and then slept through until 2am, when Gavin took her outside for a wee, and then slept though until 6.30am when Gavin was getting ready to leave for work. 

As we near 31 October, most Brits are worrying about what will happen in the UK if there is no deal. Here is an article about a few things that will make our lives more difficult if there is no deal, but the one that is really worrying me is that the current Pet Passport scheme will become null and void and every time we wish to travel to Europe with our pets we will have to have another blood test to confirm the rabies inoculation has been done and then wait another 3 months before being allowed to travel abroad. Currently it is a very easy scheme whereby the blood test is done once, one month after the rabies inoculation is given and then you can travel 21 days after that. We are planning to go to Switzerland with Xena in October, just before this Brexit date so hopefully it will still be okay to travel then, but no one knows what will happen thereafter, our vet says it is a real problem and he remembers how difficult France was before the Pet Passport came into existence so it does not bode well for the future. Adam is worrying about the significant impact of a no Brexit deal on scientific research in the UK, which has already been impacted by the uncertainty of the past couple of years.

Thomas goes away tomorrow on holiday to Spain with a friend and his family, but Luke arrives home from his holiday and he is looking forward to seeing Xena (and I am looking forward to another pair of helping hands with her!)

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