By HeidiHH


It's getting bochorno again! Tomorrow is gonna be worst getting to 40°C in many areas. We are so close to the sea that it's most likely not go go that high for us, but it's gonna be very humid, so bochorno it will be.

Today I did interval training (5,5km for 50 min) in 32°C and under scorching sun. After I got home I could only lie on the floor and pant. If that doesn't make me stronger, nothing will.

I've been following Shape magazine's 4 week walking training plan. I'm on week 4 which is the hardest and now I will do it in the heatwave. It contains 3 different walking trainings and strength training with cross fit or yoga. I like it. It's versatile enough for me. And I feel I'm getting better following it.

I went to see Jen to get her keys as they are leaving tomorrow for Wales. Apparently it's raining cats and dogs while we have the doggy days in different way.

Btw, I'm not gonna tell you how many pairs of underpants and shorts I go through a day. The sweat just runs like you are in rain. When I went to Jen's house she had a huge roll of paper towel and just started to hand out pieces for everyone to catch the sweat drops. That's the life for us!

Btw, the picture from the beach this morning was taken about an hour later than usual and without any clouds. Sea was lovely and calm. Too many people, but we had to visit the post office on the same run, and as it opens on 10 am, we had to do it later.

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