Morning swim

It's been another hot day. I don't know how many pairs of underpants and shorts I've gone through. And it's gonna get hotter! Wednesday is gonna be the hottest and the most humid. Some areas very close to us are gonna reach 40°C! I hope we aren't. Look here:

I went to see Jen. She and her husband are leaving for Wales on Wednesday for 10 days! How am I gonna get by without her??? Then they come back for 2 days and then leave for Portugal for perhaps a week. At least the Welsh ladies are here for now. I've promised to take care of Jen's garden for her. She's promised to take care of Frank and Lis's garden, so I'm now stuck with 2 extra gardens to water for the rest of the month. I hope the extra hotness doesn't last the whole rest of the month.

I finally got the right antihistamines from the pharmacy.

We've almost eaten all the chocolate I got as a birthday present. (And that was lot!)

I've also been working on my bottle caps. It's still not finished... And it could turn out so ugly that it will go straight to garbage:

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