Life from a City

By LeggeAngie


Today we visited Aptera, an ancient city first settled at the time of early Knossos, by the people who wrote Linear B. Unfortunately the Romans then built on top, which is what is left, and there is even an Ottoman fort, added later. It adorns a hilltop beneath the mountains, overlooking Souda Bay on Crete. 

The main photograph is the famous three vaulted bath-house, and one of the extra's was taken inside the bath-house. I confess, I didn't want a dip in the water - it didn't look that clean! We also looked round the rest of the complex, including the amphitheatre - also an extra. 

For me, it was lovely to have a break from the beach, although this holiday is my daughter's choice, so I suspect I've had my allowance of history for the week....

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