What a treat!  I was allowed to sleep in this morning, and even had my tea served to me in bed because it is my birthday!  When I came downstairs, I was greeted by a huge, hand made sign made by Elliott and Henry, a bouquet of cheerful flowers from Nora and Willa, and some really lovely hand made birthday cards and even some presents!  (See extras for flowers in impromptu vase and sign ... or not ... internet connection is awful and glacially SLOW!!!!!  Will try to add later. )

I took this shot from the upstairs sleeping loft in our little rental cottage.  From left to right, going in a clockwise direction:  Evan, Mr. W, Elliott, Henry (on floor), Nora, Mabel, Kristin, Tom, Chelsea, and baby Willa.  What a lovely group to celebrate the morning with!

Apologies for lack of commenting ... the internet signal here is ... whimsical.

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