simple moments

By simplemoments

gettin’ your pink...


it’s your daily dose - of pink - that’s right, pink - pink, pink, pink - i figured it’d been awhile - since pink had made - an appearance in my journal - at least a week - if you’re counting a true pink - and well, i cannot let you all - believe i’ve abandoned pink! - no, not me - that’s not right - because it’s just not true

so have your dose - soak it up - glory in it - we all know - there’s nothing like pink - to save the day - whether you’re having - a bad day - a so-so day - a yucky day - a great day - an ‘it couldn’t get any worse than this’ day - whatever the case - allow my pink to rescue you - turn it around - and by all means - allow yourself to have...


happy day.....

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