simple moments

By simplemoments

going for...

...the exotic

with an elephant

that’s right - an elephant - most people don’t know - the simple fact about me - which is that i love elephants - i think they’re the coolest - animals on the planet - smart, dedicated, tolerant - family oriented, committed to the pack - fun loving - i could on but i’m probably - boring you so i’ll just leave it - at that for now

i can’t remember when exactly - i first became enamored - with elephants or what prompted - my initial love for them - but it happened quickly - and it was steadfast - years have now passed - and if i had the means - i would adopt one - or maybe a family - you hear such heartbreaking stories - about these magnificent animals

i believe any and all animals - should be treated with - the utmost respect - we should share the planet - with them, treating them with dignity - so we can all live in harmony - and peace the way - in which it was intended - only then will we fully be able to experience...


happy day.....

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