Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Another seal story

We all got out on the water on this lovely warm but not too warm day..Our friends bring their kayaks on their sailboat.   I took this photo of M before I knew what he was photographing…I could see the big whitish seal but it you look close near the upper left hand corner there is an almost black pup stranded high up on a jagged rock.  Must have gotten there with the high tide last night.  The next high tide isn’t til 11PM tonight…and of course we are worried about it..a close up shows it has a goopy eye and a wound on its face.   Mom (if that is Mom…I think it is)..doesn’t seem too concerned.      We’ll be checking tomorrow morning.   Extras, both M and C, with cameras.   And a heron on the neighbor’s dock…they were all over the bay today.

M is insisting on making dinner again… I don’t deserve that, but how nice!!

I’m going to add this to lauri’s happy hump day as it’s wed. And happily the baby seal got off the rock and we Hope swam somewhere with mom.

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