Peering in

Sea Sick - a Canadian journalist telling the converted about climate change. Beautifully told but... was it worth the flight carbon across the Atlantic?

Fake News - Osman Baig, a CNN journalist, using a story to convince the converted that integrity in journalism matters. Intensely told but... I nodded off. Not his fault but I doubt my view of the media and its responsibilities would be very different if I hadn't. 

As I came out thunder crashed overhead. Moments later the dry pavement was bouncing with water. Moments later again I was irredeemably drenched.

I decided to use what I thought was masses of time to catch a bus to MisterFT's exhibition but I had no idea what happens to Edinburgh buses in the pelting rain during the festival: an unguided tour of Edinburgh's sights invisible through a steamed up window, then when I got there it was almost time to come back. Predictably the bus back was so slow I got out at North Bridge and 'ran' (as best I could) the last mile to get to:  

Baby Reindeer. Like Bryony Kimmings yesterday, Richard Gadd was acting a true and harrowing bit of autobiography. I was gripped and shocked. And interested that comedians, who have always mined their personal lives for material, are in at least two cases in two days doing it with extremely difficult experiences. Is this what happens when we're all bored with their sex lives?

A satisfyingly unemotional end to the day with Matt Parker, the stand-up mathematician, aka Humble Pi. No confessions here, just lots of fun and banter with big numbers, geometry, lasers and pacman. The audience was entirely made up of those who never quite reached level 255 and their children.

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