By Bom

Silver-washed fritillary

I took myself off to Holt Country Park this afternoon in search of butterflies. This is a silver-washed fritillary. I saw lots of them as well as a number of red admirals and painted ladies, several peacocks and commas, a white admiral (but no photo unfortunately), and a gatekeeper. I've posted a collage in Extras of some more shots. 

I was intending to go out this morning, but had to wait in for the laundry delivery of my all-seasons duvet (2 parts). I stayed in yesterday afternoon for the delivery, but nothing arrived. It turns out they left it at the wrong address!

This morning I rescued two frogs that somehow got into one of my soakaway drain traps even though they have grid covers (I happened to notice two blobs move as I opened the gate next to it). I'm a bit phobic with anything that moves quickly and so getting them out by hand was not going to happen. I found a new use for my long handled shoe horn to lift them out!!!

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