By GracieG


M and I went to King's Lynn (formally known as Bishop's Lynn until Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries), to meet up with my cousin F and her husband.  After a leisurely lunch and a catch-up in the historic dock area, we walked around the older part of the town.  I was rather disturbed by this face which was above the entrance to the old town gaol which housed prisoners from 1784 to 1866, and is attached to the Guildhall.

The old part of King's Lynn boasts some wonderful historic buildings and has an interesting history.  I plan to go back sometime soon and join one of the guided walks around the area.

In addition, there is also a huge 'retail park unit' size charity shop on the outskirts which looks intriguing.  Anyone who knows me is only too aware that passing a charity shop and not going in is a form of torture for me!  After all, I really should do my share of recycling to help the planet!

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