By GracieG

High Tea

B, M and I had 'high tea' on the Mid-Norfolk Railway today.  This was our birthday treat, our birthdays are all in the winter when most of Norfolk is closed,  so we pick an activity to do in the summer instead.  Very lovely it was too, as the train ambled between Dereham and Wymondham Abbey.
The extra is the train all dressed for our tea.

I was unsure of the difference between Afternoon Tea and high tea, it seems high tea was a more substantial meat for those working long hours in factories and mills in industrial Britain.  An explanation I found is below:

The addition of the word "high" to the phrase "high tea" is believed to differentiate between the afternoon tea that is traditionally served on low, comfortable, parlor chairs or relaxing in the garden and the worker’s after-work high tea that is served at the table and seated on high back dining chairs.

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