Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

Loafing Around

Another step forward today as I climbed the mighty Sugar Loaf mountain in Abergavenny, all 596 metres of her.  It was my toughest challenge so far, both physically and mentally.  It was an emotional moment at the top, I was talking to a couple from England and when I told them my story I just couldn't help but cry.  It's been some journey but now after my transplant I'm able to do everything that I once loved.

It was a great day, I climbed from the quieter side so had to use a map for some parts as I wasn't sure on the path, because I haven't been up there in ages.  But I did it.

Not surprisingly the afternoon consisted of plenty of rest.

But I did treat myself to a fish and chip dinner, I think I've burned off enough calories today.  Lol!

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