Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

On a mission...

I spent some time outside with the hummingbirds today, delighting in their aerial battles for dominance over the feeders.  I haven't had as much practice shooting them this year as our numbers have been much lower than usual in the garden.  BUT, in the last few days, more and more are showing up.  This is the month they start moving, gathering, fattening up for the big migration to Mexico.  The male who's been with us since late April is suddenly having to defend "his" feeders against young interlopers - and I think he's a bit out of practice.  

This flyer is a young male.  The dark speckling on this throat will eventually molt into bright red feathers that will catch the sunlight and dazzle the ladies. I'll put a female, showing her white tail tips, in Extra.  

Got a nice long workout in at the gym today - weights followed by 30 minutes of cardio, including a bit of running (which I usually hate.)  That's 4 for this week.  Tomorrow I'm off to meet my nature group and we'll be doing 2-3 miles, albeit it at a leisurely pace.  

Thanks for the comments and love on my cicada yesterday.  Also appreciate the many comments on the therapeutic value of photography.  I'm not surprised that so many of you share my sense of serenity when holding a camera to your eye.  Thank you for commenting.


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