Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Decisions, decisions...

I went back and forth on what to post today, although there was never much doubt that it would be a dragon.  I finally opted for this one because I like the perch, the frontal view, and the clean background - all without edits, thankfully.  The dragon is a Black Saddlebags - my attempts to catch him in flight ended in failure.  My second choice for today is this shot which is worth a look as I think you'll agree it's most unusual.  Not one, not, two, but FOUR dragons.

The walk at Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge this morning didn't disappoint.  We had a nice showing of birds, loads of dragons and butterflies and even a huge Green Frog.  Also an assortment of other interesting insects.  My second ever sighting of one of the "hanging thief" Robber Flies can be seen HERE - devilishly handsome

I did something I almost never do yesterday - I posted something on FB about guns/gun control.  I normally stay as far from divisive topics as possible on social media, but I really wanted to hear from some of my friends who own guns on the subject of acceptable forms of gun control.  It ended up being an interesting conversation and only a minor verbal skirmish that resulted in two comments being deleted by me.  The gun culture in my country is one that I don't fully understand. And the reluctance by some of our politicians to pass even minor gun control laws...well, that I understand - it's fueled by big bucks from the NRA.  Still, one wonders where it all ends.

No big plans for the weekend although the weather looks conducive for hummingbird photos...just sayin'...

Happy Friday.

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