Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Zabulon Skipper

Fab walk today with my group, in spite of it being hot and humid.  Loads of interesting insects and quite a nice assortment of butterflies, including this handsome male Zabulon Skipper.  

It was good to be out, and as a bonus, I put 4 miles on my new hiking boots.  Happy to say that they are extremely comfy, breathable and waterproof.  And very light weight.  A great purchase for Costa Rica, and one that I'll be able to use all year in New Jersey, too.  

Our friends who own the farm nearby are coming over for dinner tonight.  We'll start with some prosecco and cheese on the patio.  Then, if it isn't too hot, we'll enjoy a garden fresh salad of cucumbers and tomatoes (from our friends) and some vichyssoise and crusty bread.  Mostly, it will be great fun to spend time with them.  

Three monarchs eclosed today; two males and one female. One male released for a friend of someone who misses him terribly.  The female for Daisy, who passed away Sunday - she was MIL's roommate for a time, and Hubs and I had grown very to care for her very much.  She left this world way too soon.  The second male is flying without a name, only because his proboscis wouldn't "zipper" which means he will not be able to eat.  It is my hope that he will mate before he comes to his end, because he appears to be perfect in every other way.  These are the hard things in raising butterflies, but I felt that he deserved to fly.  And when I opened the cage, he shot out, circling higher and higher.  

Signing off now.  Preparing to open that Prosecco...


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