By ArcLight

GW Sports Turf Accountant

I love the old fashioned euphemism 'turf accountant'. There are quite a few bookmakers on Leith Walk, but none of them have featured in my #leithwalkshops series before. This one is in the bottom part of Elm Row, just opposite Tribe Yoga. So after I staggered out of the latter's premises, it was easy to head across the road and point the camera at the former "shop" in order to get my blip. And then get back on the bike, point it down the hill, and deviate only via the bakery where I failed to buy Mr A a custard slice last Thursday, but managed it this week.

That's been my only deviation from the path of righteous laptop bashing today. Chapter 4 is taking a bit longer than I had hoped, not because it's particularly tricky, but because I've had to assimilate a lot of information quickly and come up with some words. And now the publishers want to finalise the cover before the end of the month. Eeek. I'm not sure about all of this...

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