By dogwithnobrain

I found some feelings that had been left behind.

I've managed 9000 steps today, several of them in two runs up the Banking.  I was super keen today. 

I left to drive to the South Beach - but noticed clouds forming to the east  -  and i thought, I'll go follow these. 

And I am so glad I did because when I got up there, it was magical  I sat there and gazed, and gazed  and gazed. 

There were tankers at anchor, Queen Victoria of the Cunard fleet was sailing past Arran on it's way to Dublin, I could see The Paps of Jura, Ardrossan, Millport and beyond.  I could see all the way south to Turnberry Lighthouse. 

I still needed to walk so I drove to the beach; and walked to the banking, up the banking and sat and gazed some more.   There were 100's more beautiful lights, and shades, but sometimes, it's just lovely to sit and gaze.

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