By dogwithnobrain

Strain this chaos turn it into light

We had a bimble round the allotment tonight after dinner.  

Only one other allotmenteer there - he's a newby and he is doing great things.  He was being eaten alive by midgies tonight.  

Our Sweet corn has produced lots of cobs now, and I think the warm sunshine, inbetween the heavy, heavy showers is doing them lots of good.  I am more hopeful of an edible crop than I have been. 

Our sunflower patch is also pretty impressive. I planted about 10 different types - and they are all coming into their own in their own time.   I loved this one tonight.  There are two of them (extra).

After the Allotment; and the difficult escape from the woods - there appeared to be some major youth football competition on at the rugby club - hundreds of cars parked in stupid places - and hundreds of kids walking on the road I got Si to drop me at the banking - i didn't make my morning jog up it. 

He drove to the other end, and I climbed, and walked to meet him at the car park.  The rain caught me half way along - I didn't mind, it's still warm. 

I thought Lady Isle was looking particularly lovely in the grey skies and the grey seas, but I felt a little sunburst improved its chances of assisting ships at sea. 

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