By dogwithnobrain

You and Me, Always and Forever

today, himself and i took a train to town to try out a new restaurant which opened up - probably about a month ago - but it's been busy, busy, busy since then. 

It was busy today too - and we had a two seat table, set between two other busy tables -  they all turned round so quickly. 

The food was lovely - there was a bit of a wait  for the food, but it was worth it, and there was plenty of people watching opportunities.   the couple next to us were also people watching aficionados - the wife also spotting the man walking down the road with paisley onsie on with body warmer and woolie hat and sunglasses.  

 I also indulged a little too much with their rather lovely Long Island Iced Tea, which meant that as soon as we left, we felt inclined to wander to the next pub along the road with a beer garden.   And the couple who were sitting next to us in the restaurant. 

we were both rather confused, because it was supposed to be torrential rain and wind.  Neither of which were present. 

We then headed for the station, but headed in to a pub which we hadn't been in for YEARS, and also met again, the couple sitting next to us in the restaurant. 

This is us, when we left in the afternoon, I have another at the station on the way back.... we were a bit weary - and a bit weirded, because waving to us, from the train going  the other way were the couple sitting next to us in the restaurant. 

I think fate has determined that we have new best friends. 

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