By dogwithnobrain

Don't Stop, Believing .....

So, after last night I was not very happy this morning.    My whole body was traumatised by eating and drinking.     This had to be a day of rest. 

And many visits to the toilet.

It's been very wet all day too.  I popped out to the supermarket in the morning and did two run ups Ballast Banking to make up for a lack of it yesterday. 

It dawned on us, when we set up on our Sunday Soup Kitchen, that we had been pretty much vegetarian for a week.   Apart from yesterday's binge.     Today's offerings were Chilli Orange and Carrot, and Spicy Sweet Potato, Leek and Coconut Soup.  There's gonna  be a potato and leek one on Tuesday too.    The other pile is the veggie curry for tonight. 
Oh dearie , me I am exhausted.  I am  Ia m 

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