An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Liquid Lunch...

A man from Scottish water came to our door this morning as one of our neighbours had water gathering in their garden so he wanted to check our supply and the drains.  David immediately checked the pool incase it had decided to drain itself (even if it had, the water shouldn't end up in a neighbour's garden!) The pool was fine thank goodness :-))  

After getting the all clear from the Scottish Water man he concluded that the heavy rain over the last few days combined with clay soil, may have caused the large puddle.

Once Lola returned from her walk with R, David and I headed to Broadslap for lunch.  Lin, the manager,  was asking about my art work and reiterated that she would love to have some of my work for sale in the Farm Coffee shop.  I've agreed to get my act together and take some pieces to her next week and we will see how it goes.  

The only reason I picked up a paint brush again after such a long time was because the urge to paint struck me out of the blue.  I certainly didn't envisage selling anything so if I do, it's a bonus.  But I won't be upset if I don't.  

While we were having lunch the first photo in my blip pinged into my phone.  We weren't the only ones out for lunch it seems.  The second photo was sent later.  Looks like Alan moved on from cider to sambuca! *  :-)))

After lunch we visited a local bathroom fitting company to discuss an update of our ensuite.  The woman was really helpful and instinctively knew what we were looking for.  Very reassuring.  She recognised our address as they fitted bathrooms for the previous owners of our house (we knew this as there were boxes in the garage with their company name on them.)  They certainly did a good job then so hopefully (quotation permitting) they will do a good job again.

We were at the bathroom place longer than necessary as I couldn't tear myself away from the owners little Cavapoo called Oreo (see extra) who is such a little cutie.  I could have stayed and snuggled him all afternoon :-))

Back home and spent the evening looking a bathroom brochures.  There really is such a thing as too much choice!

*Alcohol for posing purposes only :-))

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