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Backblipped 23.08.18

As I am blipping this a fortnight later, I can't really remember much of what happened today until late afternoon when my nephew Andrew and his  girlfriend Nikki arrived for a "bump" photoshoot.  

It was supposed to be a lovely sunny afternoon and I had planned many shots in the garden, under the Japanese maple in the dappled sunlight, beside the weeping willow, in the gazebo in the side garden and one or two shots in the soft light of the Gin Palace, but it was not to be.  It was rainy and cold.  Time to roll out Plan B.  Except there wasn't a Plan B!

I was tempted to try and rearrange but looking at the long range weather forecast and our availability over the coming few weeks, it became clear that this might be our only chance to photograph the bump before she arrives.

So, through to the hall where there was some decent light coming in the big window to see what we could do.

In the end I got some nice shots of Nikki sitting on the big, black velvet chair, then both of them sitting together.  A few standing by the window and some of Nikki on her own.  

Finally we headed through to the kitchen where we got some lovely silhouette photos of the bump using the opaque glass doors to diffuse the light coming in from the garden room.  

They stayed for dinner and it was lovely to spend time with them and share in their excitement and trepidation at the massive change they are about to experience.  I had to keep pinching myself as I listened to Andrew talk about paternity leave, decorating the nursery and baby names as it seems like five minutes since he was just a baby himself!

I finally finished editing the shots today and wanted them to have seen them before blipping, which is why it's taken two weeks to come back and upload this.  One of the glowing mum-to-be in extras.
I now can't wait for my little great niece to arrive (due date 12th September).  She will become very familiar with the sound of a camera shutter very quickly!  :-))

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