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Meet our new Marketing Ambassadors

We’re absolutely delighted to introduce not one, but two new marketing ambassadors who have joined the Blipfoto Team. Richard and WharfedaleBex responded to our call earlier this year for members to help us with marketing of Blipfoto. We’ve been discussing things with them for a little while and they’ve come up with plenty of ideas to ensure that Blipfoto is the place to be if you want to keep an online photo journal.

As part of the discussions we’ve been having with them behind the scenes over the last couple of months, they’ve come up with the following long term aims for Blipfoto:

· To be the go-to place for recording an online photo journal.
· To run a sustainable marketing programme that strives to attract a relevant, paying audience.

Obviously, there is a lot more detail behind these aims.  They will be developing content for our other social media channels, looking at other ways of getting the message out about us, as well as picking out stories from journals which can be used to show the wonder of Blipfoto. At all times, we will be mindful of your wishes and we will only share specific content with a member’s consent. We’ve set them up with their own contact details, If you have any ideas to help them or to highlight the best of Blipfoto, they’ll be delighted to hear from you.

In their discussions, they’ve discovered they have plenty of things in common including a love of mountains, cycling, Scotland and Yorkshire as well as some peculiar serendipitous blip entry moments reflecting those. Both having a number of years experience in marketing and have similarities here too, with plenty of complementary strengths. Above all they’re passionate about Blipfoto and want to find a route forward to market us professionally, gently and to the right people.

They will be getting in contact with you soon with a short survey of existing members to help them with their work.

Because of the way we set up the company that runs Blipfoto you, our members, are at the very heart of everything we do. As we’ve said previously, the long-term health of the site depends upon attracting new members. Much as we'd like it to be, we can’t rely on the current membership blipping forever. While the directors have the capacity to maintain the site, we wanted to attract additional volunteers who can bring their skills to Blipfoto in order to help grow the membership. In Richard and WharfedaleBex, we’re confident we’ve found a couple of people who will achieve this aim. They’re looking forward to introducing themselves to you over the coming weeks.

Thanks to all of the other people who made contact at the time. We really appreciated the suggestions and offers of help and have shared them with our new marketing ambassadors.

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