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A Time of Change

Our Community Coordinator, Michele, has let us know that it is her intention to step down from the role in September.  

Michele has done a truly wonderful job to engage the membership through the community blog.  Whether it be a community challenge, or a profile of a member, to interesting articles on photography she has created content and kept us all engaged with the blog.  Priorities for her are changing with grandchildren arriving in the next few months.  We imagine she will be keeping herself busy!  From all of us here at Blipfoto, thank you Michele for all of your hard work.  You’ll be very much missed.  Our best wishes for the future with your growing family.
Michele will be around for a little longer and she wanted to send her own personal message to you all after being such an important part of Blipfoto for the last couple of years. 
Hey y’all! It’s been a fun couple of years interacting with the community at large. I loved your enthusiastic participation in challenges and interviews, as well as your comments and words of encouragement on other postings. My thanks as well to those of you who volunteered to help with various postings along the way: giving of your time is how we keep this community going! And now I’m off to go shopping for twin girls outfits and toys — priorities, you know ;) “ 

If you are interested in taking on the role of the community co-ordinator, we’d love to hear from you.  We see the role changing from its original vision, particularly now that we have our Marketing Ambassadors on board.  We want the wider team to work together, providing content for existing members as well as co-ordinating articles on the Community blog to support our marketing focus to grow the membership.  If you’re interested in the role or want to get some more information first, contact us at 

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