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A Change at Blipfoto

Photo Credit: Earthdreamer

It’s a well-known quote that ‘the only thing constant in life is change’. We see this all of the time at Blipfoto through your journals. While things have been fairly constant here at Blipfoto over the last few years, inevitably changes will also take place here.  

In that respect, we’re very sad to announce that after four years, Bob Hamilton (Earthdreamer) has decided to stand down from the board of Blipfuture CIC, the company we set up to run Blipfoto at the time of the takeover. We’re indebted to Bob as one of the original four members who stepped up to negotiate and drive through the crowd funding and purchase of Blipfoto by its users. By his own admission, things haven’t been so easy for him since he had an untimely meeting with a dry-stone wall while out on his bike in 2016. Despite that set back he has always been our go-to guy for finding the right words in posts. 

Work behind the scenes goes on and we’re really excited now our Marketing Ambassadors have begun their new roles for the company.  Despite this, please remember that everyone here at the company is a volunteer, working in their spare time to support the community.  With Bob’s (and Michele’s recent) departure it gives us cause to think about the future and the recognition that at some time all the people behind the scenes at Blipfoto will move on.  In the immediate future, if you have need to contact us and we take just a little longer to get back to you, please bear with us.  
Coming back to Bob, it is only recently that we came across a little-known fact that he is a man of hidden talents, not just a formidable wordsmith and photographer.  He created computer games in the 1980s.  He even has adoring fans in this genre, particularly for his classic game, The Pyramid, for the 48k ZX spectrum!  We know he intends to keep blipping so what will we find out next? 

Bob, thanks for all your contributions to the successful acquisition of Blipfoto for the community.  You stood up to be counted when needed and it was a pleasure to work with you in that endeavour.  Our best wishes for the future, whatever you put your mind to, we are sure it will be a great success. 

From all of us here at Blipfoto 

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