Looking for the beauty

By looking4beauty

Day 3

Not a very interesting photo but hopefully it shows part of what I did today- painting, painting and more painting! I emulsioned 3 of the walls today, twice. Unfortunately they need another coat. I could actually scream. I've had enough of this painting lark already and I've still got so much to do.
Other news today- Matt lost his passport. Or we thought he had and spent the best part of 2 hours searching for it. He went to Madrid earlier this year and when he got back I asked him to put his passport away. Two days later it was still in the same place so I asked him again. Then after another day or so I must have decided to do it myself so that it didn't get lost because I found it in my travel wallet. I have no recollection of that though or I'd have saved myself 2 hours of worry!!

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