By DonnaWanna

Flower Friday - Tea Tree Flowers

These flowers are from the tea-tree bush Leptospermum-scoparium and not the Melaleuca alternifolia which is the tree they make the tea tree oil from. Always lovely to see these in bloom as they really are attractive flowers.

I’m having trouble with my iPad again - it wouldn’t turn on when I got home and so i’ve spent about an hour fiddling and faddling around with it and it finally came on! It has all my photos and everything on it so when it dies I cant get to the photos grrrr!!!! So i’m putting up my blip now in case later I have more trouble grrrr!!!

Thank goodness its the weekend I dont think I could have handled another day of work!! Off to the city tomorrow with J for lunch and shopping. He has a Basketball competition on Sunday morning which I’ll go to and then we will be off to Josh’s mum’s place for an afternoon tea get together with another group of old friends of Josh. Whew!!! Catch up at some stage over the weekend :o)

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