By dfb24

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I had an appointment with my financial planner this morning, & it was the first time I've been to their new office. It's a lot further for me to drive, the quickest way to get there being on the expressway, and on the way I saw two close calls, both of which momentarily stopped my heart! One involved a woman who crossed three lanes of traffic with no directional and didn't even turn her head to see there was a motorcyclist in the far lane, right in her path. She missed him by inches! The other was a guy in a sports car who had to be going at least 70 through the downtown, which is posted 50, and almost crashed into the back of a line of traffic that was at a standstill. If there hadn't been an emergency lane for him to swerve into, he'd have seriously injured or killed a whole slew of people instead of just crushing in his fender! Now don't get me wrong--I have a bit of a lead foot myself, but having said that, I'm also an attentive driver, I don't tailgate the car ahead of me, & you'd never find me driving 20 miles over the speed limit;  after those close calls, I just had no desire to take the expressway back home. Instead,  I slowly made my way East on a variety of different roads, some of which I haven't been on since I was a teenager! I decided I'd stop and see my mom and dad at the cemetery, since it's out that way, then meandered my way back along the Lake. Took a bit longer, but I don't fear for my life on the slower roads. I stopped at the Library to return two books and pick up another, then picked up my new glasses. And lastly I stopped at "my spot" in the park and was delighted to see literally hundreds of dragonflies filling the air. I'm not exaggerating in saying that with every step I took on the overgrown path, anywhere from 3 to 10 or sometimes lots more dragons would fly up out of the grass/weeds!  I know nothing about their habits, but it seemed that most of them preferred stems that were low to the ground rather than the skimmers and halloween pennants that prefer the tops. I liked this photo of one of the few dragonflies that were actually hanging on a flower, it was sharing it with a very busy bumble bee, & neither of them crashed into each other! The dragonfly is a common green darner and the flower is bee balm/ monarda fistulosa/wild bergamot and grows wild all over the prairie fields in the parks. Thanks to Annie for hosting FlowerFridays, and to Miranda for hosting the Wild Flower Week challenge. Hope you all have a great weekend!  :))

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