Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Sunshine between the Showers

The day was top and tailed by deluges of rain.  I popped for a swim, had a haircut and then took advantage of the lull in the weather by a quick visit to Weston Park.  I just loved the colour contrast of these red climbing roses in the teardrop garden with the sky behind.  I even remembered to use a polarising filter to intensify the colours.

Then home and refitting the stair rail now that the decorating has finished.  

It was a pleasure to be able to finally introduce our new marketing ambassadors on Blipfoto.  Having worked with them over the last few months I know we've got a couple that will be a real benefit to the community.  It also seems as though someone has already nick-named them ...............the dynamic duo!

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