Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Hobble End Sunrise

Looking at the forecast I doubt I shall be bothering to get out of bed early tomorrow (Friday).  By all accounts we can expect a property stormy period, characterised by heavy showers and high winds.

I did make the effort again this morning - it's getting to be something of a habit over the last week, but no hardship for all that.  If only I were in some of the more dramatic landscapes of the UK.  Still the clouds made a special effort - it's noticeable how often we get this radiating pattern around sunrise.  I've come to the conclusion it isn't really radiating, rather they are parallel clouds but the extreme scale and curvature of the earth make it look as though they are radiating like a fan.  The extreme wide angle used, also helps accentuate the pattern.  Looking in the opposite direction hints at this as they also seem to radiate from a point.

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