By hpx


East sou'easterly rain is unusual for us. Later this afternoon the direction changed to a southerly. Either way it's been wet and cold and has delivered around 27mm of rain so far. All parts of my garden have recieved rain and that's a first.

My upper back and left shoulder sort of behaved this morning. Everything was tickety-boo during spin but maybe not so much during pump.

When I got home Jasper wasn't inside and that's unusual given how bleak it is outside. I was the the woman in bike shorts, bright blue beanie, down jacket, and camo gumboots wandering around yelling "Jasper". Make that mad cat woman......

Just as I gave up, my legs numb with cold, and my glasses coated with rain, the little bugger appeared, announcing his arrival before I saw him emerge from bushes on the swale/reserve. He's been competing for space on the sofa ever since.

I don't usually have rain on the side lounge windows and rather like the impressionist view of the garden.

You can pick out the 2 nearly ripe lemons on the tree and the stakes for the peach and nectarine. I can pick out the slim column apple to the left of stakes but it's tricky if you don't know where to look.

The pink blob is a grevalia, Mt Tamborthia, an Australian native ground cover. They're a new plant for me and are growing well. They thrive on neglect which bodes well and gives me hope that over time my garden will become low maintenance (not no maintenance).

Today's gratitude: For shelter from the storm.

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