By Bella888

Fairies in the Woods

We were enjoying our flat whites in Café Lab opposite the Odeon BH2, when these gorgeous apparitions drifted by. Were we dreaming? I had to reveal  them for today’s Admirer’s Silly Saturday?
Thanks to all of you for your good wishes and, ‘sprinkles’ on my blip 730 birthday yesterday. And not missed a day. Who'd have thought? I knew it was imminent, but had forgotten. Had intended to do a more flamboyant and creative image. Never mind, the redevelopment I featured was close to my heart.

Returned home at 1:45 am. So unlike us. I usually fade by 11pm. A fabulous house warming party, with amiable hosts and such delightful guests. Wish I could go back to bed now, but pointless as can never sleep during the day.

Strong winds out there with yellow warnings, and huge waves. Will go down to the beach front again. (See the bad weather’s around in Europe too).

Enjoy your weekends. Don’t do anything ‘Silly’

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