By Bella888

Change for the Better (and my 730 blip-day)

(Some of you have just reminded me it’s my 730. BLIP DAY - thanks. Just been back and edited my special day)

>>>Thanks so much to all who have visited, starred and favourited my entries. It’s been great fun and 2 years have flown by. I have enjoyed browsing through yours, and wish I could give out more hearts. We all seem to apologise for not finding time to look in or comment. And that applies to me too. Going out shortly so will look in tomorrow to read/acknowledge your lovely comments. Look forward to meeting some virtual friends at our Bournemouth blipmeet on the 29/9/19 (see the Community blip page if you want info). A big hug to you all xxx. <<<

The Avenue Shopping Centre (next to the now boarded up M&S) is being redeveloped. Really exciting - I hope. They have removed the nasty black glass, which covered the facade, revealing original features. My blip shows it’s new found grandeur.

There will be a living wall down the centre, and a huge video screen. Vintage and other events will be staged, and pop up food stores etc. More in tune with current trends.

This could be the beginning of a positive change for our tired, but buzzing, town centre. The Triangle further up, is already showing signs of serious (alternative) life with a few new vegan/veggie eateries. And good new cafés opening regularly too.

I attach below an article from the local rag.

Torrential rain during the night. Winds now strengthening. 60mph gusts on the way for tonight. Hoping to get out for a walk on the cliff-top - we’ll see once we’re off - otherwise just stick with less exposed road into town.

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