By schorschi

Bottom Up

Back to the village quarry lakes this evening for the walk. Although it was late (19:45), being a Friday I was certain our usual lake & entry point would be busy. There were around 30 cars parked & many bikes & motorbikes. I couldn't be bothered to face hostile faces & was going to drive down the track used by the lorries & diggers that "mine" that small quarry.

However, as I passed my usual parking spot, was heartily waved to by the lady who had rescued me the other day from the sour-faced, dog-hating brigade. She had just packed up & had her driving shoes on to go home but she got out, said the "beach" was empty and insisted on staying & going down to the water to throw the tennis ball for Luna & we had a chat. I thanked her for her support. She laughed, again and told some of the tales of her experiences with dog-haters and, I was horrified to hear, the odd very unpleasant male.

Then Luna & I walked past the other official swimming lakes where dogs are banned, stopping to take this photo of a part of the bigger lake where 95% of the action is. It was now 20:00 with a low sun & a bit difficult to photograph - I had forgotten the proper camera in the car & only had the mobile.

Above Luna's head is the "peninsula" where the life-saving crew sit around. In the middle right two swans enjoying a paddle, one seemingly after a spot of dinner. Behind them to the right on the other bank which is where the trucks drive to quarry out every day, a group of paddleboarders. And to the very right out of shot, a vet with presumably his wife on a paddleboard with their small dog enjoying the ride. I don't know if the "No dogs" signs strictly only means from the shores on the one side or whether he simply ignores them. I guess so as the other side is still in commercial use.

I only know it was a vet as his van with logo was parked right over the entry to the bit where his umbrella/towels etc were & they were the only ones. - don't know him, seemingly a "cattle specialist" according to the wording with only a mobile number and the van has a Memmingen numberplate. Coincidentally as Luna & I walked along the road alongside the lake, we were nearly mowed down by one of the vets from our Memmingen vets who was clearly in a hurry to get in a swim. He didn't slow or wave as he wouldn't know me - Angie does 99% of the vet work. I didn't recognise him but only because he flashed past with about 2m distance.

As the weather is now set to deteriorate, thanks to the tail of the storm hitting UK tomorrow, we are in for a spell of poor weather except for Sunday. I may well take the opportunity to launch my sailing boat next week but I think to be on the safe side I should ask the parish town hall if it is allowed. On the other hand, Bavarians have an expression:

"Wo kein Kläger, da kein Richter" - Where no plaintiff, no judge.

and most Bavarians follow the Bavarian State Motto:

"Leben und leben lassen" - Live & Let Live

Did you know that the expression was used in the trenches of WWI, the most famous incident of which was the 1914 Christmas Day football game? Brexit here or there, wouldn't it be nice if the UK had adopted this approach in the last four years of the self-declared war. I can't think of a single "war-mongering" act by any EU appointed official and only a few perhaps very frank but truthful observations from the outspoken Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt. His country was, of course, ploughed up in WWI and he is a very great friend of the UK. His passion is because he wants the UK to stay, same as the rest of the EU and not principally about economics but simply Peace. My words won't change the mind of Boris Johnson's Brexit War Cabinet but that won't stop my Twitter "insurgent" comments. The "War" is not yet lost.

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