"There is Robin..."

"Where is Robin...? There she is. Yesterday it turned out that my Dear Robin had flashed away, while I was concentrating on taking my Blip. After that day full of "making sense together" I had no choice than to upload that picture  without any Bird on it.
Well, never mind, today is a brand new one full of unknown chances. And now it appears that I am going to experience quite a similar scenery. Perhaps I can catch My Robin actually. Not yet being clear, I say anyhow: "There's Robin"
I'm sitting "again" on My Comfy Old Kitchenchair. After we had a really heart-warming coffee, discussions together, I finally feel this precious space of creativity, lively discourse with W., Mischa&Dolf.
Gratified by this unbelievable luck to find each other back again in&around our Carlsheaven Home. After so many whirlings and so many periods of being seperated. But now it's turning out to be OK.
M&D being adults now, living in a creative, caring and responsible way. Fundamentally sharing ideas, visions, dreams and ideals. And they will have to find their own difficult&easy ways through their labyrinth of life, like we did and are still doing.
The weather is showing a mix of clouds&sunshine. Not too hot, a bit windy. Now&then perhaps a drop of rain... To keep me busy and our terracefurniture dry.
This afternoon M&D will visit the neighbouring Göttingen. We stay home to rest a bit and to prepare for our terrace-dinner. Later on in the evening we'll join together the Evening Feast of Light  downtown. And I have to do some Blipwork before you can read this in the 11 pts Calibri. Have a beautiful weekend, all of you!

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