The Ducks

were being noisy on the canal this morning :)

Couple of extras of the flowers in hanging baskets on tall posts, blowing about in the wind, and the sunflowers in the churchyard :)

Hair cut
Supermarket shop
Lady came to see if she can help with some cleaning/decluttering  
Laundry done, ironing pile huge!

Long phone call with Mum this afternoon...

She hasn't bothered to tell anyone that my Step Dad was taken into hospital and had emergency surgery for a blocked bowel (and has alung infection - which he already had) late last Saturday night (after I spoke to her then) :(

Mum has at last accepted (praise God for this) that she needs help (though doesn't want us to visit at the moment).  

Last Saturday evening after the ambulance had gone the young lady who lives next door knocked on the door and asked what she could do to help!

Mum insured her on the car so she could take her to hospital this week for a couple of routine appointments, and says she drove very well.  

In the meantime Mum also contacted the 'Rotary' Lions? which Tony has been involved in until Mum became ill.  The result of that was that she has got some local assistance to take her to hospital when she sees the Consultant on Tuesday to get the bone marrow biopsy results, and someone she can call on if there is a problem at home. 

At the moment thank God she is coping very well all things considered.  She has realised that she can do something for a short while and then have a rest before doing something else, and is quite happy pottering along that way.  

She told me she's even been out in the garden and done some deadheading (I nearly choked then!) and that the neighbours husband came and cut the grass yesterday when he was cutting theirs..

My main worry is should she have a fall and can't get to her emergency line or something like that.  She has promised to text me every day and say she's OK even if we don't speak. 

Especially I'm worried because I'm going away for a week to a Retreat House and the mobile signal isn't great there - but I have given her their phone number in case of emergency....and I could just go from there if needed...

What a day!

Salmon cooking now and just got to do some veg then I can eat my dinner :)

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