Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Dreamy Sunset

And that doesn't go unnoticed here in Chania.
August is the month of holidays for the Greeks and that means that Athens is emptied out by half of its inhabitants and all who leave, left for their "village" ... that is the place where their family originates from. And thus Chania is filled with holiday makers now. Not a room to be booked now.

The taverna's do good business now and the beaches are filled with sunbathers and in the eve all gaze at the beautiful sunset :-)

It was a lovely busy day for me today... in the morning we visited my koumbara and her pregnant daughter and then I went to the flat of my late BIL where my nephew was who arrived the other day from Athens.
He'd thought that he and his young family could stay at that flat right away... but it needs lots and lots of cleaning; and that's what he and I did for hours from noon onwards. Luckily they found a place at Chania camping to stay for the weekend. So today he and I cleansed a lot and tomorrow his wife and I continue the cleaning so that on Monday they can move in. 
A bit of Greek hybriss that they'd not checked out the flat earlier on and I'm surprised (and not!) that his close relatives (my ex and my SIL) are not willing to help him out. Anyway, nice to put my Dutch practicality at work on instant ~  Greeks love to debate for hours and hours before they put themselves at work... we Dutch just analyse what must be done and get it done.

Have a lovely weekend you all!

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