Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight


The only blip I took today from this icon in the church, as my nephew's wife and I worked all day in their flat to get it ready for their stay; and it's spic&span clean and ready now! 

This is an icon of Maria with her toddler Jezus and as it's one that expresses her motherly love for him, it's named "The Holy Mother Sweet Hearted" ~  Kardiotissa 
The icon is covered in silver and gold plated cover as to protect the painting on wood from the many many kisses it gets from the believers here at every visit of them.

A few more days till August 15th when Holy Mary is celebrated here all over in Greece. All who are named Maria, Panagiotta, Nota celebrate their nameday then.
Greek Easter and Maria Ascension (August 15th) are the two most important religious celebrations in the Orthodox Greece nation.


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