By sebrose


We arrive at Heathrow on time. I pass through the various corridors of transit and avail myself of the BA showers. Next stop Edinburgh.

A couple of LRT buses later and I’m experiencing the joy of Cameron Toll. The nice man at SpecSavers replaces the broken leg of my glasses. Of course the actual frame has been discontinued, so he uses a random from his spares bucket.

New Look remove the security tag from my new sleeping bag with barely a question.

Claire and I cross paths at home. She’s on her way to get antibiotics, while I need another few hours shut-eye. Later, we complete a RYA certification - another step in her journey to First Mate.

Back into town for an Alice Fraser gig. Megan and Ruadhan arrive from Glasgow. We have an excellent, but extremely slow meal at Olly Bongo’s, while the heavens open, thunder roars, and the silent disco procession outside is drenched in joyous festival rain.

The show is in the billiards room in Teviot. It’s a sell-out and is extremely hot. Alice is on top form - funny, thoughtful, provocative. By the end we just need cool, damp air - and a good night’s sleep.

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