By Barking

Snow day!

We woke up to a text from one of Mr B’s friends; he was up at Mt Macedon and it was snowing hard.

We jumped out of bed and rugged up. Then we got in the car and drove up the mountain. By the time we got up there, the snow had set in and cars were everywhere. People were slipping all over the road and it was chaos.

Mr B went to help out and Little Miss and I walked Abe. He loved the snow and seemed very comfortable. Several people asked me if he should be wearing a coat, but I explained that he doesn’t like them, so no.

Mr B came back and we headed off for a walk. So beautiful. I love snow days.

We got home with no mishaps, just cold toes and pink faces. Some weren’t so lucky; lots of prangs apparently. We have a Landcruiser, so had the right tool for the job, as it were. They closed the roads off later on.

The Extras show more prettiness and a snowy nosed Abe.

Mr B has headed off to Sydney for work this afternoon, Little Miss has done all her homework, and I’ve finished my marking. It’s not even five pm and we have a nice long evening stretching out ahead of us.


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