By suehutton

Start of the Football Season

Leicester City played against Wolverhampton Wanderers this afternoon. I was prevailed upon to babysit William as strictly speaking, Sunday is the day that George should look after him.

Just before we set off the heavens opened and rain flooded down. It was warm enough for water to evaporate off roofs and roads, and as you can see, there was abundant spray on the M1.

By the time we reached Junction 22, we discovered that there had been no rain there even though the clouds looked ominous.

William was, of course, extremely well behaved. The weather forecast predicted a lower likelihood of rain at 3 pm, which is when William, Basil and I set off for the park. I had to leave Basil in the car after he'd had a little run, because the powers that be forbid dogs to enter the childrens' playground.

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