A weekend in pictures

It was a beautiful sunny morning, and we had a relaxed breakfast in the conservatory. We even had to move out of the full glare. It faded as the morning went on, and after a lot more talking, we took a leisurely walk to the allotment.Minnie was carefully guarding the 3 eggs she's laid since Friday. I picked her up and she clicked at me...I bet she is feeling broody again. I will know tomorrow if there isn't an egg there.

We went back home for coffee and biscuits, which gradually merged into a late lunch.

Eventually it was time for my lovely friends to head home. Both with a 2 hour drive. I'm pleased to say they have both checked in, and are home safely.

Friends are so important. They keep things real, and remind me of what is important. These are two of the best. So I have lots to thank Cambs CC Pensions for!

I put the dinner on, then Mollie and I went out for the new shortened run I've set myself. About 16 minutes this time - the route that took me 18 minutes on Thursday. It's enough, so I'm sticking with doing just that a couple of times a week.

Need to get ready for work, have a bath, and an early night.

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