By dfb24

Sunday...NOT a day of rest

I went to church this morning and when I got back home, Mae threw her arms around me and told me how much she'd missed me.............while gratifying, I'd only been gone an hour, so was wondering what was up! She asked me to come into the living room with her, where she got down on her hands and knees and pointed out to me that one of her magnetic tiles was under the couch and could I get it out for her. Mind you, both my daughter and Tom were sitting on the couch. "Why didn't you just ask your mom or grandpa to get it", I ask. "Because I wanted YOU to get it for me grandma", says Mae, with 3 y.o. logic. That's when I noticed how dusty it was under the couch, so I got out the vacuum and took care of the dust. Then I did a load of laundry, followed by emptying the clean dishes out of the dishwasher, at which point Mae came into the kitchen and said I'd forgotten to put her "sparkly cup" in the dishwasher to be washed. Out of nowhere,  the tinies showed up & offered to wash the cup for me--did a great job of it too, although Florence, while trying to balance her bucket, almost took a major header off the side of the cup. But now, thanks to the tinies, everything is ship-shape!
Thanks to Hanulli for her tiny people challenge!  :)))

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