By tondrijfhamer

Sauerland, day 2

Daan in pole position!!

Breakfast, midget golf, lunch, a nap, some drone flying. That sums it up for today, at least until the second half of the afternoon.

Around 15.45 hours we went for a little ride towards a place were red deer were supposed to be seen. Unfortunately we didn't see any of them

Instead of driving back to the hotel right away we went a little further and then saw something very interesting. A cable car that pulled go-karts up the hill. Wow!

What a great invention! Daan, Peter and I bought tickets and before we knew it we had our helmets on and we were being pulled up the mountain. Once on top we had to drive down ourselves over a grass rink. All we had were brakes. Fantastic!!

The first round I drove next to Daan, but he soon found out how things worked and off he went! I didn't know we had a Max Verstappen in our midst.

In total we went up and down four times.
What great fun!!

Since I was driving myself, I couldn't take any photos.
This one was made by Peter. Thanks Peter for letting me use it as todays blip!

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