Looking for the beauty

By looking4beauty

Day 6

Another busy day but I've finally finished the decorating. I wallpapered this morning and glossed this afternoon. I'm really pleased with the paper and it goes well with the white walls. The 2nd piece was a nightmare to put up but I only bought 2 rolls as it was quite expensive so I knew that I didn't have any spare. You can see the gap if you look closely but I just couldn't get it right so I had to give up and just settle for the best of a bad job before the paper ripped.
Curtains and pictures next. The carpet is coming on Wednesday and a new settee in about 4 weeks. I'll blip it again when we have got everything. I'm so glad that I made myself do this even though I nearly gave up several times!

Now I can 'rest' Mambo! (Clean and tidy the house and sort the garden and the paperwork etc etc...)

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