Everyday Life

By Julez


Over to the Folks today. I had to write a letter to the pet microchip company, as they had quite a few of my Dad's details wrong. I couldn't make an online account as my Dad has no Email, and they won't accept mine as it is already registered with them at a different address for Minstrel. 

I sent the letter off in an envelope that was with the information they sent, only to realise that it was part of some promotional bumf they'd sent for a pet insurance company! So now I have to do it all again!

Otherwise everything was OK over there.

Tesco shopping done for the week. Curry cooked and eaten (including veggie option for Jae!) and washed up after. I can finally relax now!

I took this photo of roses in the Arboretum when walking up to Tesco. I liked them because the buds are a different colour from the flower, and there are some insects too!

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