Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Oh, why not?

Sure, why not blip another hummingbird?  This is the same young male I blipped two days ago; apparently he is going to hang around for a while before leaving on the next leg of his epic journey.  Fine with me.  In addition to this fine young guy, there are two adult males and maybe 6-8 females/juveniles currently in residence.  Making for a very happy human.

Hubs and I hit the gym today; mostly weights for me with only 1.5 miles on the treadmill.  Then, it was back outside into the garden for me where I was chasing down butterflies, wasps, bees and hummers.  Balm for my soul.  I had two really nice butterfly finds in the garden and have posted both on Flickr, starting HERE - an American Lady and a Common Buckeye.  

Tomorrow morning I am off on another snake-quest.  The friend who took me to see the copperheads a few weeks ago has found another spot for copperheads which is very close to me, so I'm meeting him in the morning.  Very exciting.  Rain will be moving in later in the morning, so we'll be efficient in our quest.

Thanks so very much for stopping by.  I'll try not to post another hummingbird tomorrow - but no guarantees.


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